Zero Time Dilemma's Preorder-Watch Saga Winding Down

Zero Time Dilemma’s limited edition hit a snag a launch back in June, when its bonus item – a watch based on the devices characters wear in the game – was damaged in transportation and delayed. Publisher Aksys Games is now saying that a new batch of the watches is now in its warehouse, and that they’ll be shipped out to retailers.

In other words, if you’re one of the customers who was waiting for your watch, you might want to keep an eye on your inbox. 

[Source: Aksys Games via Destructoid]


Our Take
Mishaps with preorder bonuses happen – remember BioShock’s broken Big Daddy figurines? – but that doesn’t make them any less disappointing. The bonus SNAFU also meant that some players had to endure a retailer-shipment delay, which is an additional sting to the die-hard fans who buy limited editions. The game is good, and it’s a bummer that it had this cloud of ill will surrounding it. 

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