Zero Time Dilemma Limited Edition Watches Shipping To Buyers Damaged

Although we figured the saga of the Zero Time Dilemma pre-order watches was over the last time we covered it, it seems to rage on.

Previously, we’d reported the watches had been delayed a few weeks after the initial shipments had been damaged and returned to their manufacturers. Then we reported new watches were finally being shipped out to retailers. Now, unfortunately, it seems the new watches customers are receiving have also been damaged.

Siliconera reports that customers have been receiving damaged watches and packages. The watches have scratches on them intentionally (to reflect the way they look in-game), but many also have additional scratches, broken parts, or cracked plastic casing. An Aksys PR rep has taken to Twitter to clarify what constitutes actual damage and help direct buyers to the right channels to get their watch replaced.

Additionally, international users have reported having to pay a high import tax to receive their free item. A fix for this issue is also on the way, according to Aksys PR.

We’ve reached out to Aksys for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

[Source: Siliconera]


Our Take
As much as it stinks not getting the thing you’ve paid for, or getting it broken, or having to pay an import fee for a free watch, I’m somewhat empathetic to Aksys here. They can’t completely control the shipments of their products, so it must be frustrating seeing this happen. Hopefully the next set of watches are delivered in sturdier packages. 

Beta Test Zero Time Dilemma Limited Edition Watches Shipping To Buyers Damaged

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