Watch 15 Minutes Of Metal Gear Survive Gameplay

At the Tokyo Game Show, Konami unveiled the first gameplay footage of Metal Gear Survive, a four player co-op game that pits you and your teammates against zombies.

Originally announced at Gamescom, Metal Gear Survive takes place directly after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, but before Phantom Pain. When Mother Base was destroyed, it was assumed that the MSF soldiers were left to die. According to Metal Gear Survive, however, those soldiers were actually pulled through a wormhole that took them to an alternate universe. This new setting is a barren desert landscape similar to Phantom Pain.

The gameplay below demonstrates an infiltration mission, as well as a defense mission where the team protects a transmitter from enemy attacks. In the clip, we find out that you can still Fulton items and enemies, but this time you use wormholes for extraction. In the demo, a player Fultons a sheep, trapping it in the air to lure zombies near it. As a group gathers, the player takes the opportunity to throw a molotov cocktail at them. 

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Note: The above clip is in Japanese, but you can activate subtitles by clicking the closed captions option. 

You’ll also be able to gather materials and resources so that you can build barricades and weapons at a crafting table. These crafted materials can be transported instantly to you during missions via wormholes.

At Gamescom, Konami told us that while the reveal trailer for Metal Gear Survive focused on action, stealth would remain a significant tactic. For more about the upcoming game, watch the trailer from Gamescom. Metal Gear Survive releases in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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