U.S. Residents Who Bought GTX 970 Graphics Card May Be Able To Claim $30 Settlement

Last year, some customers who bought an nVidia GTX 970 graphics card found it wasn’t quite performing to standards. As it turns out, it was because the card had a dedicated 3.5GB of video ram instead of the advertised 4GB.

As a result of this false advertising, nVidia had to settle a lawsuit for lying to its customers, as Ars Technica reported. Part of the settlement involves paying out $30 to anyone who bought a GTX 970 from September 1, 2014 to August 24, 2016. Today nVidia set up a website, gtx970settlement.com, where users can submit their request to receive $30 as part of the lawsuit. The other part of the settlement involves paying out $1.3 million in legal and attorney fees.

As the Ars Technica report points out, the $30 number amounts to 8.6 percent of the price of each card (Which sold for around $350). The missing difference in horsepower (0.5GB of video ram) amounts to 12.5 percent, meaning customers would have had to receive about $44 dollars to have been fully compensated for the difference. The customers in the lawsuit claimed as much, but the eventually settlement came down to $30.

Anyone eligible for a settlement payout has until November 30 to file their request for a payout. They can also send a letter requesting to opt out and sue nVidia on their own, file a comment in support or against the settlement, or ask to appear in court about the settlement.

[Source: gtx970settlement.com via NeoGAF]


Our Take
I know a couple people who bought 970s, though I don’t think they noticed the difference in horsepower. It’s a shame customers are only getting about 70 percent of what they’re owed, as false advertising can have huge implications on unknowing consumers.

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