Travel To Yosemite Park In VR With President Obama

Virtual reality is useful for more than games. It can help use see the world in new ways, and companies far outside video games are taking notice. Enter the White House.

In a new VR tour video of Yosemite National Park, viewers will “witness Marine One lower into Ahwahnee Meadow, float in a canoe on the Merced River, and gaze up at the sequoias in Mariposa Grove and take in stunning views of Yosemite Falls,” according to the official White House post. The tour features President Barack Obama giving a speech at the park as well. Owners of an Oculus headset can download the video on the Oculus store or watch it on Facebook.

[Source:; Image: Peter Souza]


Our Take
In the long run, I think VR will prove more valuable for these kinds of experiences and videos than for the kinds of games we’re expecting. That said, half of the appeal of this tour is the above picture of President Obama wearing a VR headset.

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