This Fan-Made Lego Samus Figure Is Posable, Powerful

Eero “Pate-keetongu” Okkonen is a Lego-building aficionado who’s built sculptures of Samus out of the colorful bricks in the past. But his latest iteration of the Metroid heroine is his largest to date.

Okkonen’s previous renditions of the character had her in a red Power Suit and outside of it in her Zero Suit. After finally amassing enough orange bricks to build a more faithful Varia Suit, Okkonen gave the real deal a shot. “I went with Other M/Super Smash Bros. 4 style,” says Okkonen on his blog. “I like the round, simplified shapes and there was good reference material out [there].”

For anyone looking to replicate his creation, Okkonen has also included a detailed process of how he built the figure, as well as some areas that give him trouble, such as the chest plate. “It’s not too easy [a] shape to start with, and the lime lines made it worse.”

You can find more photos of the figure on Okkonen’s blog.

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