The Amazing Sights Of TGS 2016

Every year we try to bring the Tokyo Game Show experience to you. The event may not be the powerhouse it once was for reveals, but there’s still plenty of enthusiasm in the air for all things video games. From amazing cosplayers to cool booth setups, we snapped shots of the show floor this year. We’ll be updating this gallery through the weekend, so be sure to check back to get more perspective and fun photos from the show.

Like the North Star, this slime and moogle will always guide you back to the Square Enix booth.

Which, of course, has plenty of Final Fantasy XV on display. Noctis looks pretty determined to get our approval…

At least Kingdom Hearts is represented in some way, but I can’t shake the sad feeling from Kingdom Hearts III being absent. 

I spot a creepy Resident Evil 7 house. I’m not scared at all.

But turning around the corner and running into this guy isn’t exactly pleasant.

He’s a little less scary…I think.


I ran into some Syujin high school students. Persona 5 is cool, but Persona 5 cosplay is even better!

With a release date finally unveiled, the Nioh excitement continues to build.

Koei Tecmo also put its upcoming Gust titles on display. YAY Atelier! 

Sometimes you just need to take pictures like this to show that anything is possible on the TGS show floor.

Speaking of which…do we start with the name of the game, or the fact that you have to look like a creeper looking up skirts to demo it?

I really hope Valkyria: Azure Revolution gets brought to North America.

The Sony booth has a wide variety of games on display, such as Days Gone, Gravity Rush 2, and The Last Guardian. 

Monster hunter love! 

I have no idea who that nerd is…(I stopped taking myself seriously years ago. That’s my tough face). 

In the romance game section, I found booth men!

Let’s close this page out with some Yakuza. 

We’ll have more pictures going up later today. Check back for updates!

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