Test Chamber – Fighting, Music, And Puzzling On The Go

The Fall is about to hit us with a ton of games for consoles and PC. But every day, hundreds of games get released on mobile phones. Sometimes, they’re Pokémon Go. Other times, they’re actually pretty fun. (Just Kidding. Pokémon Go’s all right).

Brian Shea and I have been wrapped up in some mobile puzzle games based on console series recently. Shea’s been making his way through Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits, fighting bosses and getting as many Vs as he can along the way. Meanwhile, I’ve been playing Lumines Puzzle and Music, which seems as good port of the PSP/Vita puzzler as you could have hoped for.

Both of them have more depth than you’d think, so we decided to give them the Test Chamber treatment in a single video, found below.

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