Super Replay – Shadow Of The Colossus Episode Six

Team Ico’s latest, The Last Guardian, is finally (pending any additional surprise delays) arriving this October, which is a perfect excuse to play through Shadow of the Colossus in its entirety.

Of course, you don’t really need an excuse to play Shadow of the Colossus because it is a fantastic game. Join myself and Andrew Reiner as we relive some of our Shenmue magic by keeping this a two-person show, making our way through the game’s strange world and bringing down its imposing beasts. We don’t have a strict schedule in mind for this series, because we want to be able to absorb everyone’s feedback episode to episode, so we likely won’t be recording multiple episodes in advance. We’re all going on this journey together, so please sound off in the comments section below or on YouTube.

For more Super Replay, follow the links to find our full playthroughs of Shenmue and Tex Murphy: Under A Killing Moon. You can also see our full playthrough of Dark Souls III here, which technically isn’t a Super Replay, but is pretty close. For our Replay of Shadow of the Colossus, head here.

Episode 6
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Beta Test Super Replay – Shadow Of The Colossus Episode Six

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