Sega Has Renewed Its Trademark Of The Virtua Fighter Series

Sega has recently renewed the trademark of its long-dormant Virtua Fighter series.

The fighting game series has been widely regarded as one of the most technical fighters in the genre, preferring precise inputs and smart play over flashy combos and super moves. The franchise had its last release in 2010 with Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, the third update for Virtua Fighter 5, which released in 2006. Since then, we’ve seen Virtua Fighter: Cool Champ and Virtua Fighter: Fever Combo, a pair of card-battling games for cell phones.

This does not mean a new title in the series is imminent, but it could mean some sort of release for the series is on the way, whether it’s a new game, a remake, or something else.

[Source: Trademarkia via Shoryuken]


Our Take
Again, this doesn’t mean we’re getting a new Virtua Fighter game, but as someone who completely missed this series back in the day, I would love the chance to revisit some of the older games with updated graphics. I just hope it doesn’t mean another card-battling cell phone game instead. 

Beta Test Sega Has Renewed Its Trademark Of The Virtua Fighter Series

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