Scythia Goes To War In Latest Trailer For Civilization VI

Scythia is the latest faction to join the already large roster of historical figures present in Civilization VI. In a spotlight video, you can learn about the new class of warriors and a special improvement that only this country can take advantage of.

The legendary Tomyris leads Scythia, a prominent historical figure and leader of the steppe nomads. Known for being a strategic warrior, her armies will gain a bonus when attacking wounded units and can heal after defeating enemies. Check these warriors out in action below.

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The Saka Horse Archers are unique to Scythians, and do not require horse resources to construct. Both this class and standard light cavalry are built in pairs rather than as a single unit when fighting for the Scythians. This can give Scythia a large mobile army very early in the game. Scythia can build the unique tile improvement, the Kurgan, as well. These memorial stones provide extra faith and gold to nearby units.

One of the strongest military units in the game, Tomyris is averse to surprise declarations of war, so be careful when playing against her. Scythia joins previously revealed countries like France and Brazil in Civilization VI when it hits PC on October 21.

Beta Test Scythia Goes To War In Latest Trailer For Civilization VI

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