Rumor: Final Fantasy XV Delay Announcement Imminent

Evidence has emerged that Final Fantasy XV might be headed for a two-month delay. While Square Enix isn’t commenting yet, reports are surfacing from multiple outlets suggesting a bit more time is needed to get things right.

The rumor first surfaced via Gamenesia, which later added photographic evidence. The image the outlet provided shows a standee with the current September 30 release date and instructions to GameStop employees to use a provided sticker with the new release date. (Disclosure: GameStop is Game Informer’s parent company.) Kotaku is also reporting its own sources have confirmed the delay.

If accurate, the highly anticipated game would now be slated for a November 29 release. This puts it outside the typical holiday season, with major releases wrapping up by Black Friday in the United States.

However, Final Fantasy XV has the power to still perform extremely well after the Thanksgiving holiday. The game has been 10 years in the making. We can probably (grudgingly) wait another two months if the reports are accurate.

I spent part of my day in my local GameStop, where employees were kind enough to look through the marketing materials they’ve received. We flipped through the marketing guide for the week and there was nothing about Final Fantasy XV included. The store also has not received a standee for the game.

We reached out to Square Enix yesterday regarding the rumored delay and have not heard back. We’ll update should we receive a response.

[Source: Gamenesia, Kotaku


Our Take
Evidence is starting to mount that a delay is on the way. We’re still not calling it a done deal given the information doesn’t seem to be ubiquitous and retailers haven’t updated inventory systems, but brace for impact. 

Beta Test Rumor: Final Fantasy XV Delay Announcement Imminent

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