Reader Discussion: What Multiplayer Game Are You Best At?

As we hop from one game to another trying to keep up with the gaming discourse of the day, it’s nice to have a comfort game we can always come back to, especially if it can give use the ego satisfaction of doing well.

For me, I didn’t have a game like that until Dota 2. I wouldn’t say I’m a pro at it or anything, but it feels nice to know that game well enough that I don’t struggle with what to do half the time.

What multiplayer game do you all come back to because you know you’re good at it? Are you hot stuff at Rocket League? Do you know the right angle for headshots in every Call of Duty game? Are you your dorm’s resident Nidhogg champion? How much time did it take you to get there? Why do you think it is about that game that clicks with you? Do you have a game you play for long stretches of times even though you’re no good at it?

Let us know in the comments!

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