Reader Discussion: Do You Mind The Day One Patch?

In the modern age of gaming, the day one patch is becoming a near-required step to play a new game. How do you feel about it?

On the one hand, it gets that game you’ve been very excited about into your hands a little bit earlier. On the other hand, it requires you be connected to the Internet to play, and means the disc on your shelf is not truly representative of the final game.

This topic comes up as a result of No Man’s Sky day one patch, which adds substantial content to the game and even changes mechanics. You can read all about the patch here.

There are pros and cons on either side of the argument, but where you do you fall? Are you for the day one patch? Or against it? For a developer’s perspective on the issue, head here to read Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail’s thoughts on the process.

Beta Test Reader Discussion: Do You Mind The Day One Patch?

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