Reader Discussion – Are You Returning To World Of Warcraft?

Today saw the release of World of Warcraft: Legion, the sixth full expansion for Blizzard’s wildly popular MMO. While player population has flagged in recent years, it’s clear that the new release is getting some strong buzz. In fact, we just streamed two hours of the new expansion earlier today. Many players are excited about the chance to return to Azeroth, especially now that they can wield some of the greatest artifacts in the game’s fiction.

We want to know were you fall on the WoW-enthusiasm spectrum. Are you so hardcore that you never left in the first place, and you’ve been patiently waiting for this launch? Or is Legion the expansion that is bringing you back after months or years away? Or perhaps you were once an enthusiastic World of Warcraft player, but even the dramatic events and gameplay of this release aren’t enough to pull you back into the fold. Why is that?

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