Read About Dozens Of Cancelled Games In New Book

We will never know a large part of gaming’s history. Forgotten conversations between developers we’ll never hear, trade secrets people will take to their graves, and games that never came out litter the annals of the story of video games.

The folks over at Unseen64 are trying to dig up as much of that last part as possible. The site archives the stories of cancelled video games, researching each game and posting as much as they can find on their website. The site has stories on cancelled games as far back as the NES and as recent as the Vita.

This week, Unseen64 released a book, Video Games You Will Never Play, which compiles several stories of cancelled video games over the years. The book is crowdsourced and features contributions from over 45 writers. The book is available in color for $64 and in black-and-white for $29.

[Source: Unseen64 via Siliconera]

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