PSA: Axiom Verge Is Now Available On Wii U

Thomas Happ’s love letter to Metroid is now finally available on a
Nintendo console.

Axiom Verge’s Wii U release date was announced by Happ in a blog post earlier
in August, in which he stated that the game “truly belongs on a Nintendo
platform,” and that to him, “Axiom Verge is finally home.” Happ also says Wii U players are getting the best version of the
game, thanks to leaderboard support for the game’s Speedrun Mode, and the
ability to see the world map at all times on the GamePad.

Axiom Verge first launched on PlayStation 4 in March of last
year and received
glowing praise
from former G.I. editor Bryan Vore. The game easily earned a spot on
our year-end Top 50 list, as well as several editors’ personal top ten lists. The title now kicks off Nintendo’s “Nindies
Summer Jam” event, and as such will be 10-percent off for the next week. If you haven’t played it yet, now’s the time.

For more on Axiom Verge, check out our look at the game on Test Chamber

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