The Sports Desk – The Madden 17 Developers Answer Your Questions

Madden 17’s August 23 release is fast approaching, but we understand that you still might have some questions about this year’s title. That’s why we’ve reached out to both you, the readers, as well as the game’s developers at EA Tiburon; you had questions, and now they’re providing the answers. Sit back and find out everything you (all of you) wanted to know about Madden 17.

Thanks to EA Tiburon’s Rex Dickson (creative director), John White (franchise lead designer), and Michael Hoag (presentation designer), for taking time out of their busy schedules and answering all your questions (BTW, ignore the doofus asking them in the video below).

Your questions covered a good range of topics, from customization to the the nitty-gritty of franchise mode. Formation substitution fans – you’re going to want to watch this!

Thanks to everyone who sent in a question.

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[Update] The Internet Archives' Nintendo Power Collection Is No Longer Online

Update: Last week, a huge collection of Nintendo Power issues were posted online by the Internet Archive. That collection is no longer available.

The collection’s landing page still exists, and you can find it here, but the issues are no longer present. We’ve reached out to the archivist and are trying to find out more information. We will update this story as we learn more.

Original story posted August 3 2016:

Four years after its last issue ran in 2012, over 100 issues of Nintendo’s official fan magazine, Nintendo Power, have been uploaded to the Internet Archive. The issues, available in their entirety, range from the first issue of Nintendo Power published in 1988 to later issues from the early 2000s.

Nintendo Power launched as a spin-off of the Nintendo Fun Club newsletter and featured screenshots of upcoming games, reviews, and strategies. When it launched, 3.6 million issues were published. At the time of its closing in 2012 it had a circulation of 475,000. When it folded, it was one of the longest-running game publications.

Go to the Internet Archive to check out some of the old issues, and while you’re there check out some of our old issues. For even more Nintendo nostalgia, read about this upcoming Mini NES coming with 30 classic games like The Legend Of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. 

[Source: Internet Archive] 

Our Take:
It’s always disheartening to hear about the closing of a video game publication – especially a print one. However, getting to relive some nostalgia through these pages is a great way to remember how awesome and weird the path video game journalism has taken has been.

Beta Test [Update] The Internet Archives’ Nintendo Power Collection Is No Longer Online

Hello Games Shares No Man's Sky Development Progress With Series Of Images

No Man’s Sky has changed a lot since Hello Games began development, and in a new blog post the game’s director Sean Murray tracks a bit of its visual changes, and tempers expectations for tomorrow’s release.

The image above shows the game after a few weeks of development, while the three images below show the game’s changes six months later.

Along with tracking the game’s visual evolution, Murray also uses the blog to talk about what exactly the game is, which is something the still isn’t totally clear for many even with the game’s release being only hours away. Murray outlines specific mechanics that will be in the game, like exploration, trading with NPCs, combat and survival, and writes, “For one small moment, you might feel like you’ve stepped into a sci-fi book cover.” He follows up later in the blog writing, “It’s a weird game, it’s a niche game, and it’s a very very chill game […] This game might not be for everyone, I expect it to be super divisive, but I’m sat here watching playtesters right now who weren’t supposed to be in, but just wanted to play and chill out. I can’t wait for you to experience that for yourselves.”

We’ll be streaming no Man’s Sky tomorrow. You can learn more about that schedule here.

[Source: No Man’s Sky]


Our Take
No Man’s Sky has been so ambiguous that many players are projecting their dream game onto it. I’m very excited to play the game and see what it’s all about, and I am also curious – much like Sean Murray – to see the general reaction after tomorrow.

Beta Test Hello Games Shares No Man’s Sky Development Progress With Series Of Images

Touring Felwinter Peak, Destiny: Rise Of Iron's New Social Space

Last week we had a brief look at Destiny: Rise of Iron’s new social space, called Felwinter peak, in our video showing off gameplay, but now we want to take a deeper dive into the new area. While visiting Bungie for our cover story on Destiny: Rise of Iron, we spoke with game director Christopher Barrett and executive producer Scott Taylor about the design and gameplay implications for Felwinter Peak. The video also features another new music track from Destiny: Rise of Iron, so we hope you enjoy!

Watch the interview below to learn more about Felwinter Peak, its wolves, and its mysterious secrets.

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Beta Test Touring Felwinter Peak, Destiny: Rise Of Iron’s New Social Space

Limited Edition Black And White Superman Figurine Pre-Orders Now Available

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might not have lived up to our expectations, a new figure might help make up for it. An exclusive black and white Superman figure is available for pre-order starting today on the Square Enix online store.

Only 1000 have been made, and this detailed greyscale figurine is a New York Comic Con 2016 exclusive. It will be available for purchase both online and at the Square Enix booth at New York Comic Con.  

The figurine stands at approximately 10″ tall and comes with a display stand, interchangeable hands, and an alternate face piece that features Superman using his heat vision. Other figurines in this Play Art Kai line include armored Batman, Batman, Batman black and white version, Superman, and Wonder Woman.   

Priced at $149.99, this Superman black and white version figurine will be shipped at the end of November. You can pre-order here to make sure you get one before the limited supply runs out. 

Beta Test Limited Edition Black And White Superman Figurine Pre-Orders Now Available

Transformers: The Movie Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

We didn’t want to let August 8, 2016 pass without a mention of today’s big 30-year movie anniversary. The Transformers animated movie released in theaters on this day back in 1986. While its original release met middling reviews, it has garnered increased recognition and praise as the years have passed, largely in thanks to a generation of moviegoers who saw the movie as children, and now look back with great fondness on the animated film.

The enthusiasm isn’t just about nostalgia. With its frequent and often shocking character deaths, melodramatic but memorable lines, and grand science fiction scope, the original Transformers movie has earned much of the fervor that has helped to transform it into a cult classic for both animation fans and 80s enthusiasts. And it doesn’t hurt that the movie is accompanied by a rocking 80s soundtrack. 

If you’re like us, you’ll use this anniversary to track down a copy of the original movie and check it out. If you’re willing to wait a while, a Blu-ray version of the film is planned for release on September 13. I had an opportunity to check out an early cut of this new version, which includes a cut of the film remastered from a new 4K transfer of the original 35mm film. It looks amazing, sounds great, and is an ideal way to experience the magic. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can pre-order the upcoming Blu-ray release right here

Check out the trailer for the new version below.

‘Til all are one, everybody. 

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Beta Test Transformers: The Movie Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

Revisiting One Of The Worst Fighting Games Ever With Our New Fighting Game Expert

We decided to put Game Informer’s newest team member and fighting games expert Suriel Vazquez to the test by having him use his expertise to judge one of the worst fighting games in the history of mankind – Simpsons Wrestling.

Join the Summer 2016 intern crew Haley MacLean, Leo Vader, AJ Moser, and least handsome Blake Hester as we check out if this bible-throwing, Maggie dropping, Barney belching “fighting” game holds up to the horrendous reviews it received upon release. After testing out a few characters, Suriel passes judgement and we learn if Simpsons Wrestling scores higher than the original 2/10 Andrew Reiner awarded the game back in 2001.

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Simpsons Wrestling is just one of many in the long lineage of Simpsons video games, head here for a full list from The Simpsons Arcade Game in 1991 to mobile game Tapped Out in 2012.

Beta Test Revisiting One Of The Worst Fighting Games Ever With Our New Fighting Game Expert

Dota 2's The International Moves Into Full Swing This Week

Update: The tournament’s main event begins today. Four teams from the upper
bracket will face off today, while eight teams in the lower bracket will
play a best-of-one series to determine who proceeds to the
best-of-three rounds. The full schedule is as follows (times
vary depending on the total number and length of matches):

Upper Bracket
OG (Europe) vs. MVP Phoneix (Korea) (best of three)
Digital Chaos (Americas) vs. Wings Gaming (China) (best of three)

Lower Bracket
TNC Pro Team (Phillipines) vs. Vici Gaming Reborn (China) (best of one)
Team Secret (Europe) vs. LGD-Gaming (China) (best of one)
Fnatic (Malyasia) vs. Escape Gaming (Europe) (best of one)
Navi (Europe) vs. Team Liquid (Europe) (best of one)

Original story posted August 06, 2016 at 12:00 PM

With an exciting group stage week behind us, the sixteen teams participating in Valve’s Dota 2 The International this year have claimed their upper and lower bracket slots for the week ahead.

With the wild card and group stage complete, the action will now move to teams having their tournament life on the line for real during main week of action, kicking off Monday August 8 at 10 AM PST and continuing all week leading to the grand finals on Saturday, August 13.

At the time of this writing, the prize pool is the biggest in esports history, a massive $19,822,120. With community funding that offers players access to special cosmetics, the annual tournament’s purse is primarily fueled by player contributions to the massive prize pool.

Check out all the teams and get up to date information on each game, including multiple ways to watch (even VR watching this year!) at the official The International site.

Our Take
The International is a real joy to watch each year, and as always I’m looking forward to crazy draft picks, amazing team plays, and a lot of great action. While watching esports isn’t for everybody, check out my watching guide for some tips on how to fire up the grill for watching some of the coolest moments in gaming each year.

Beta Test Dota 2’s The International Moves Into Full Swing This Week

No Man's Sky Releases Tomorrow, Check Out Our Coverage Hub Of Features

Back in January 2015, No Man’s Sky appeared on our cover, and with with it came a number of online features all about the game. Now is the perfect time to catch up on all of our content.

We have interviews with the team at Hello Games, including one where we asked director Sean Murray way too many questions which you can see below, gameplay footage, video features, and lots more. You can check out all of our features by heading here, or clicking the banner below.

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For more on what’s happening with No Man’s Sky immediately, you can head here to read all about its day one patch.


Beta Test No Man’s Sky Releases Tomorrow, Check Out Our Coverage Hub Of Features