Orange Jam Could Be The Downfall Of Hitman's Latest Elusive Target

Hitman’s elusive targets are limited-time affairs, in which failure means you permanently lose your shot. They’ve included politicians, forgers, and (of course) actor Gary Busey. The latest one is particularly tricky, since you don’t know what he looks like. This sticky-fingered hacker does have a soft spot for something sweet, however, which could prove beneficial.

The Black Hat target is a mysterious figure named Owen Wagner, who calls himself Protagonist. You don’t have any images of him to go by, but you know that he has a boyfriend who goes by “whitecap” and that Wagner also has a fondness for orange jam. Good luck?

You have 72 hours to track him down, starting today. 

Beta Test Orange Jam Could Be The Downfall Of Hitman’s Latest Elusive Target

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