NHL 17 Franchise Trailer Gives You The Power

Building a winning team is no easy feat in the NHL. From assembling the right team to working with the salary cap and keeping your facilities upgraded, a lot goes into a successful franchise. Get a glimpse at what it takes in the new NHL 17 franchise mode trailer.

Unlike Madden, which splits up the owner and GM/coach roles into different experiences in its franchise mode, NHL combines them. Thus, you’ll be just as worried about putting a roster together as you are tinkering with food and ticket prices in order to make sure the fans keep coming. All the while you’ll be feeling the pressure of your larger season goals, the constraints of your budget, and the possibility of being fired.

For more on the game, take a look at Bertz’s seven takaways from the recent beta as well as a slew of additional details.

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[Source: NHL 17 Official Blog]

Beta Test NHL 17 Franchise Trailer Gives You The Power

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