Minecraft Gets A New Lava-Dodging Minigame In Free Update

Minecraft launched the first of several minigames a few months back with the Hunger Games-style free-for-all Battle. Today, console players can check out a new minigame – a lava-dodging challenge called Tumble.

In Tumble, players start out on platforms that are floating above certain lava death. Armed with shovels and snowballs, it’s up to each player to simultaneously undermine the ground beneath their foes while ensuring that they don’t end up falling themselves. As you can see in the video below, additional elements such as TNT blocks keep things moving at a frantic pace.

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The update is available for Minecraft on consoles today at no charge.

For more lava avoidance, take a look at Klei’s upcoming game The Floor is Lava, which should be familiar to anyone who was a child at any point in their lives.

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