Making Of Video Shows Off Robinson: The Journey's Dinosaur-Filled Planet

In a new making of video, Crytek finally pulls back the curtain and shows off its upcoming PlayStation VR title, Robinson: The Journey. The exploration-driven game, which plops you on an alien planet filled with dinosaurs, was first shown at Paris Games Week last year.

In the video, Crytek’s team of developers discuss the ups and downs of virtual reality development, as well as showcase a few snippets of pre-alpha gameplay and beautiful concept art. Robinson: The Journey tells the story of a boy who was part of an exploration team. While being sent to colonize a planet, something goes wrong with his ship, and it crash lands on this dangerous planet where dinosaurs roam freely. You’ll follow a hovering robot who guides you through this hostile land.

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Read our initial coverage of Robinson: The Journey when it was announced, along with its first trailer, here.

Beta Test Making Of Video Shows Off Robinson: The Journey’s Dinosaur-Filled Planet

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