Konami Has No Plans To Develop MGS V's Cut Mission

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was a big success, but it wasn’t perfect. Specifically, the ending left a major unresolved plot thread – one that was slated to be addressed in an additional mission that was cut from the final game. Because some work had been done on the mission (including voice work and cutscenes), some fans have been holding out hope that we may see it completed and released. According to Konami, that’s not happening.

In a recent exchange on Twitter, the official Metal Gear account confirmed that the company has no plans to revisit or restore the cut mission.

This news comes shortly after we learned about MGS V: The Definitive Experience, and the reveal of the multiplayer shooter Metal Gear Survive. So there’s more Metal Gear on the way, even if it’s not exactly what fans are asking for.

[Source: Twitter via Metal Gear Informer]


Our Take
I loved The Phantom Pain (here’s my review), but a few tweaks and additions could transform it from a great game to a legendary one. Adding Mission 51 is one of those changes (I talk about some others here – and one has even happened!). The upcoming “definitive experience” features nothing in terms of new content, so previous players don’t have much reason to jump back in. Personally, I don’t understand why Konami is developing a weird zombie-themed multiplayer shooter instead of polishing up an already-proven experience that fans have demonstrated a desire for. In short, I’m disappointed to see these hopes dashed for the time being.

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