HBO Now Coming Soon To PS4 And PS3

If you own a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, you’ll soon be able to use the HBO Now app to access the shows available through the service, like Game of Thrones

According to the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, this functionality is coming prior to October 2 (when Westworld premieres), but no exact date was provided. Currently, in order to watch HBO on your systems, you need to subscribe to HBO in a bundle (such as those from your cable provider). HBO Now is an untethered version of the service that you pay for independently.

In addition, the PlayStation Vue service will also be offering subscriptions to both HBO and Cinemax for $15 each per month. If you subscribe to HBO through PlayStation Vue, you will also be able to access it through other devices that support HBO Now.


Our Take
Well, if there are people out there who weren’t watching Game of Thrones already, you can  probably expect your water cooler conversations to be a little more crowded when the new season debuts next year.  

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