Group Of Obsidian Developers Create Unreal Engine 4 Version Of Mos Eisley

A group of Obsidian developers (and longtime Star Wars fans) have recreated Star Wars’ Mos Eisley spaceport in Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.

In an interview with, project lead Jason Lewis discusses what went into the project, and what the team got out of it. Mostly, it was a labor of love for Lewis and the team. “This is a just-for-fun personal project that we are all contributing to for no reason other than we are all a bunch of super Star Wars fans,” said Lewis. 

Originally, the project began when Lewis wanted to simply recreate the Millennium Falcon in the new engine. Eventually, however, his ambitions outgrew his initial intention, so he began asking his fellow developers if they wanted to pitch in during their free time. “I got many very enthusiastic YES responses, so I divided up the work based on the time and effort commitments that volunteers were willing to put into it.” The project now includes the full spaceport, droids, and a hidden weapon, but now human characters, as the project currently has no character artists working on it. The team plans to implement virtual reality support down the road.

Lewis describes the project as an “interactive fan art piece” which is about 90 percent finished. You can download the project and explore the spaceport at the current mirror, but be sure to check the full post for more details on the project came to be, as well as any additional download mirrors should the current one stop working. The team recommends having a minimum of “16GB of system RAM and at least an Nvidia GTX760 or AMD equivalent to run at acceptable frame rates.”

[Source: via PCGamer]


Our Take
I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan in the universe, but this is still a really cool project. And thankfully, Nintendo doesn’t own the Star Wars licence, so you should be able download it for a while without fear of it being taken down. 

Beta Test Group Of Obsidian Developers Create Unreal Engine 4 Version Of Mos Eisley

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