GOG Offers Refunds On Armello A Year After Release

If you bought Armello last year through GOG and feel jilted because the
game’s DLC is only available through Steam, then you might be interested
to know that GOG is now offering refunds on the game.

Armello is a digital board game
featuring anthropomorphized animals. Unfortunately, League of Geeks recently abandoned the GOG version of the game and is currently only updating the Steam and console versions. In a recent community post, GOG promised that if consumers are unhappy with the game, they can contact GOG’s support team for a refund.

[Source: GOG via PCGamesN]


Our Take

It’s sad that League of Geeks has abandoned the GOG version of Armello. This is likely due to development cost, but it’s still a bummer. However, GOG’s offer to refund those who bought the game via its service is a really classy move. It’s also important, because if consumers can’t trust the games they buy off GOG then they’ll have few reasons to continue to use its service.

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