Full Details & Release Date For Hitman's Complete First-Season Disc

So far Hitman’s first season has come out in digital dribs and drabs, but Square Enix has announced a specific release date for the physical collection of the game.

The collection ($59.99) comes out in a steelbook that has all of the game’s content so far, including community contracts.

Furthermore, the Hitman: The Complete First Season game includes three missions from the Summer Bonus Episode; the original soundtrack; a making-of documentary; the pre-release Requiem Blood Money Pack; and, for those who pick up the PS4 version, The Sarajevo Six missions. All of this extra content is via digital download. Limited-time Elusive Targets are included, but only those that take place after the collection comes out. 

Hitman: The Complete First Season comes out on January 31.

[Source: Square Enix]


Our Take
It will be interesting to see if these episodes hang together in any meaningful way or if they feel just as disparate – a criticism editor Jeff Marchiafava had of the piecemeal episode structure.

Beta Test Full Details & Release Date For Hitman’s Complete First-Season Disc

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