Every PS4 Will Be HDR Compatible Via Next Week's Firmware Update

One of Sony’s big talking points for the PS4 Pro is its
support for High Dynamic Range content, but players won’t have to wait until
November 10 to see what HDR is all about. Sony’s Andrew House announced that a
firmware update due out next week will make all PS4s HDR compatible.

House talked quite a bit about how HDR enhances the visuals of games by
offering a wider range of colors on HDR-compatible displays. HDR-compatible
games shown during the event included Days Gone, Uncharted 4, and Infamous:
First Light, the last two of which will have HDR support patched in to the
existing games. The PS4 will get this ability starting next week via a firmware
update, though there’s no word on when compatible games will be individually patched to take
advantage of the feature. 

Beta Test Every PS4 Will Be HDR Compatible Via Next Week’s Firmware Update

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