Even Sonic Mania's Collector's Edition Video Is A Throwback To Classic Sonic

Last week Sega
a nostalgia-laden collector’s edition for its upcoming Sonic Mania
reboot, but the company isn’t done appealing to the fond childhood memories of
Sonic fans. A new mock commercial for the special edition hearkens back to a
classic Sega ad.

The new video below shows off the many bonuses of the
collector’s edition, and we’re not talking about the statuette or oversized
golden ring.

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While humorous in its own right, the new video apes a Sonic 2
commercial that debuted back in 1993, which arguably is even funnier than the
new one.

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The fact that the Sonic Mania collector’s edition cashes in
on nostalgia shouldn’t be any surprise – the entire game is a throwback to
Sonic’s golden years, sporting the series’ classic art style and physics. Whether
that’s enough to break Sonic’s long-running curse remains to be seen, but based
on our early hands-on
, the Blue Blur is on the right track.

Sonic Mania launches next spring on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

[Source: Sonic the
Hedgehog Twitter
, Sonic 2 video via YouTube user wtcvidman]

Beta Test Even Sonic Mania’s Collector’s Edition Video Is A Throwback To Classic Sonic

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