Captain Olimar Harvests Pikmin On The 3DS

Nintendo’s crash-prone cosmonaut will soon be making his way to the 3DS for an all-new 2D side-scrolling adventure.

The game doesn’t have an official title just yet, but during Nintendo’s recent Direct video, the company revealed a new Pikmin game for the 3DS. Aside from the fact that this new adventure will be a 2D side-scrolling affair, the game contains many familiar Pikmin elements. Captain Olimar travels through exotic, alien locals, raises up an army of Pikmin, and then uses them to fight enemies and find buried treasure. This new Pikmin game looks fairly action packed, and is set for release on the 3DS sometime in 2017.

Incidentally, senior product marketing manager of Nintendo of America Bill Trinen named Pikmin 3 one of his most underrated Wii U titles during our interview with Shigeru Miyamoto at this year’s E3.

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