Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (September 8, 2016)

Fall is almost
here, meaning some of us can use cold weather as an excuse to stay indoors and
play video games! Or read Blog Herding!

Community Blogs
For September 1 – September 7:

Impressions of Paper Girls and Bakuman

This blog strays from the video game world to talk about comic Paper Girls
(written by the fantastic Brian
K. Vaughan of Saga and Y: The Last Man fame) and manga Bakuman. Paper Girls may
be enjoyed by those who enjoyed Stranger Things, and Bakuman is a “slow burn”
that probably isn’t for everyone.

a Better Gamer Through Character Customization

So, Haley Shipley is creating characters inspired by her favorite book
characters. This has forced her to play games differently. For example, if a
character from a novel is witty and patient, she will be too. It’s actually a
pretty cool idea, and I may just give it a try.

Novel Roundup

There are a lot of cool games that can be considered “visual novels,” and
TheDarkestLink wants to tell you all about them. Each one seems to have its own
merits, though I’ve only played Ace Attorney (on my phone, no less). But for
anyone seeking out titles in the genre, this is your blog.

Writing Challenge

Community Writing Challenge: The Bosses I
Wish I didn’t Meet…

Fear is the feeling StarterPack associates most with bosses. The duo from
Demon’s Souls sound especially brutal, with their constant hammer smashing and
spear pokes. And the less we talk about any bosses hiding out in the water, the
better. I’m pretty much okay with bodies of water, but I nearly drowned in the
ocean as a kid, so I have a weird combo of terror and respect when it comes to
lakes and such.

Community Writing Challenge: Most
Memorable Bosses I Have Fought With

I’m sure each and every community member here has fought hundreds, if not
thousands of bosses, during their gaming career. But not all of them leave an
impression. This robust list from GerardoExber did, and I was all too happy to
see a certain battle from Resident Evil 5 on it. I still think about that boss
battle about once a week.

Community Writing Challenge: Bosses I Want
to Cuddle, But Shouldn’t

Haley Shipley goes in a unique direction with her blog – and I love it. It’s
just a good thing none of these creatures are real and available for her to
hug; something tells me these creatures don’t like hugging back, much like my
abusive boss/cat.  


on Titan: Wings of Freedom Critique

Attack on Titan is not only something General Mills44 enjoys, but a lot of
anime fans (I’m a fan of the manga because I can’t wait around for the anime to
catch up). So it is with good news that our blogger reports that the video game
adaptation is pretty good. It makes you feel like you’re zipping around
Spider-Man style as you slash giants.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva X

This song-heavy game is not going to be for everyone, but Brendon Curzio writes
that it is pretty solid. Mostly the strong story pulls it to lofty heights, but
the selection of songs (this being a rhythm game) really holds it back.

Community Writing

With the season
changing, let’s write about games with seasons. Flower played with my emotions,
while games with changing weather wowed me as a kid. And let’s not even start
about being a wizard and controlling the weather to smite enemies. Which games
utilized seasons or weather in a way that made you think, “Huh, I wish our world
was that cool.”

Community Playdate:

I’m once again
out of town, but don’t be afraid to message me during the rest of the week for
some soccer or Rocket League.

I hope you enjoy
the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with
any blog news or playdate suggestions.

Beta Test Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (September 8, 2016)

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