Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (September 15, 2016)

No game or gaming
news seemed to dominate this week of blogs, meaning we’ve got a fix for just
about everyone.

Community Blogs
For September 8 – September 14:

My Fix-It List For No Man’s Sky

Marco Polo has a list and he’s checking it twice. Okay, he’s not Santa, but he
has a list of ways to improve what was highly anticipated, and now highly controversial, game. Polo still believes the game my reach its true potential. It just needs some updating.

Remaster Me

Jolt the Cynic come out of hibernation to deliver a blog about remasters and
what he thinks about them. Like a lot of bloggers, there’s a bit of hesitancy
about remasters, but when done right, they can be great ways to explore old

Issue of Length in RPGs

Game length is something of a divisive opinion, according to Refle. For some,
role-playing games can be too long, but our blogger argues that some games need
to take the time to establish the world, the characters, and, well, tell the
story. It’s hard for me to finish long games these days, but I definitely get that
sometimes those 40-plus hours are needed.

Zero Dawn: I am all over this hype train

Hype can be a dangerous thing. But Brendon Curzio is totally eating up the hype
for Horizon Zero Dawn. And he’s okay with that. I hope this game turns out to be
everything it seems to be, but you never know. Even more importantly, I hope
hype is ignored when it comes out so people give honest viewpoints on the game.

Without Restrictions

What happens to you when you’re just done playing a game, when the collectibles
are too much, and the game just isn’t doing it for you? GerardoExber weaves a
tale of what it’s been like for him to play through some recent games, and
sometimes it’s just better to move on or play a game series out of order. Why not?

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge: My Favorite Weather/Season Inspired Pokémon

Haley Shipley finds a way to connect Pokémon with the seasons challenge, and it
is a darn good approach. As a huge fan of Snover (he’d
totally exist in Wisconsin), I totally dig this blog. You should all read this.

Writing Challenge: RWBY’s Four Maidens

So, this isn’t about gaming. Instead, Brendon Curzio is writing about an
animated series. You know what? I can dig it. Especially when one of the parts
of the story is title, The Story of the Seasons. It seems like an interesting
show, and it may be worth a watch.

Through Sadness

Marco Polo scores a hat-trick of blogs this week, but this may be the most
personal of everything he’s written. “Gaming has been my particular brand of
medicine for a very long time now.” Damn. This blog isn’t messing around when
it comes to touching your emotions.

Community Writing

How would you
change a game’s story to be the perfect story? Would certain characters stay
alive? Would a final boss see the error of his ways? I always wished Cloud in
Final Fantasy VII would have had a different role in life; it pained me so much
to see how warped his version of his life and the world became.

Community Playdate:

I’ll be away
spending time in Minneapolis, so I won’t have a gaming console to play on! But
I do need some monster hunters…

I hope you enjoy
the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with
any blog news or playdate suggestions.

Beta Test Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (September 15, 2016)

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