Big Changes Are Coming To Marvel Heroes 2016

Developer Gazillion has been continually adding to Marvel Heroes 2016 on PC with assorted characters and costumes, but the team says that the next batch of changes will be the biggest systems update in the free-to-play game’s history.

In a new post on the official site, the game’s lead systems designer lays out a plan for upcoming modifications. Eventually, players will see updates that modify hero powers, items, the Omega system, and personal difficulty sliders. However, today’s post deals primarily with the first in that list, since every hero in the game will be receiving a design update all at once.

If you’re a fan of the game and are interested in the nitty-gritty details, you should definitely check out the lengthy post. It has lots of explanations, images, and examples that are geared toward players who are very familiar with the current mechanics.

The team’s current goal is to have these new hero updates available to test in October.


Our Take
I haven’t personally spent any time playing this game, so I don’t know how dire the need is for an overhaul. However, necessary or not, I always like it when developers don’t just let their games stagnate, and instead take a close look at the mechanics and try to find room for improvement.

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