Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Detailed

Surprising absolutely no one, Battlefield 1 is getting a year’s worth of add-on content wrapped up in a “Premium” package. A new listing details what’s included in the $50 DLC bundle.

The first expansion for the World War I game, They Shall Not Pass, focuses on the French army. You’ll be able to dive into that in March 2017, with a two week head-start for Premium members. Later on in the DLC cycle, DICE will add the Russian army.

In total, there will be four expansions (each likely to be priced at $15 when purchased individually). The Premium pass includes 16 maps, 20 weapons, 14 dog tags, and 14 battlepacks that will be delivered monthly starting in November 2016.

Battlefield 1 will be out on October 21. You can read more about the game’s revamped Rush mode in our Gamescom hands-on. You can also read about how EA is making big changes to how you’ll access Battlefield games in our interview with executive vice president Patrick Söderlund.

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Our Take
There’s nothing surprising about the price or core content of the Premium offering. Battlefield and Call of Duty have been pushing $50 season passes for years.

I’m interested to understand a bit more about how the implementation of different armies will work. Is this just a factor of the historical locations featured in the add-ons? Are there marked differences in the forces? I’m sure we’ll know more later, but floating the addition of two armies does warrant a bit of explanation.

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