Amy Hennig To Give PAX West Keynote

Amy Hennig is going to kick of one of gaming’s biggest fan events. She has been announced as the Keynote speaker for PAX West, taking place in early September.

Hennig’s work includes leading the Uncharted team at Naughty Dog as creative director for the first three entries. She also wrote, directed, and produced The Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. 

Currently, Hennig is leading a Star Wars project at Visceral. The keynote will take place on September 2, with the full list of panels and speakers available later this week via the free Guidebook app and the Penny Arcade Expo website.

PAX West (formerly PAX Prime) will take place in Seattle from September 2 through September 5.

Beta Test Amy Hennig To Give PAX West Keynote

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