From The Garage To The Streets In Need For Speed Payback

Customization was a big part of Ghost Games’ titular Need for Speed game back in 2015, and Need for Speed Payback (out on November 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC) takes things a step further.

Today’s new trailer for the game outlines how you can take your car from an anonymous stock car to the ride of your dreams through performance parts, choosing your own body parts, and restoring derelict cars found in the world.

Moreover, if you pre-order the title you’ll get the Premium Car Pack, which contains five pre-tuned and customized cars:

  • Nissan 350Z 2008
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS 1967
  • Dodge Charger R/T 1969
  • Ford F-150 Raptor 2016
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 2016
  • Exclusive Platinum Blue Underglow & Tire Smoke Vanity Items

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Beta Test From The Garage To The Streets In Need For Speed Payback

Star Wars Battlefront II's Prequel Novel Inferno Squad Is Out Today

Taking place after the events of the films Rogue One and A New Hope, the book Battlefront II: Inferno Squad introduces the cast and events that lead into Star Wars Battlefront II’s story campaign. And its out today.

The book’s author, Christie Golden, has written books based on Assassin’s Creed, StarCraft, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, and of course, Star Wars. She has not, however, written and Little Golden Books, which seems like a real oversight.

The book follows the titular Inferno Squad as they track down and attempt to infiltrate the rebel faction once led by the legendary Saw Gerrera.

[Source: Star Wars]

Beta Test Star Wars Battlefront II’s Prequel Novel Inferno Squad Is Out Today

Ninatic's Founder Addresses Pokémon Go Fest's Technical Woes In Blog Post

Niantic’s founder, John Hanke, posted a large blog recently, offering some technical explanation for what was, by all accounts, an unsuccessful first Pokémon Go Fest.

Hanke’s post is long and dense, and attempts to highlight some of the fest’s successes while offering some explanation for why people struggled to play the game, despite efforts to prepare. Here’s some of the more specific information about the issues copied directly from Hanke’s post:

What happened? Technical issues with our game software caused client crashes and interfered with gameplay for some users. The gameplay issue was resolved with a server configuration change and the crashes were also addressed for many but not all users. A more protracted problem was caused by oversaturation of the mobile data networks of some network providers. This caused many attendees to be unable to access Pokémon GO or other Internet services. Network congestion also led to a login issue which affected some users able to access the Internet. This latency-related login issue was addressed with a second Niantic configuration change.

On the pure network access issue, we provided detailed estimates on attendance and required data throughput per user to our event partner who worked with the major carriers to allow them to plan for adequate coverage. Some carriers deployed Cellular on Wheels (COWs) to extend their capacity. In other cases the providers deemed them unnecessary based on other infrastructure already in place at the site. Users reported different levels of success with these providers. Wifi was enabled by one provider as a solution which helped some users but not all. Sprint was onsite as an official partner, deployed a COW, and their network was busy but held up well. Although many players were able to play normally for the majority of the day, many were not, and based on that we made a number of adjustments to the event plan.

While issues plagued Chicago, Hanke points out that a similar event in Chester, UK with 17,000 players went off without a hitch. Hanke also promised in the post that he is hoping to take lessons learned from Chicago to make upcoming events in Japan and the UK go smoother. Hanke ends the post with a promise for the game to perform better, citing similar hurdles that its previous game Ingress encountered. “At each stage of growth, we encountered challenges and each time we overcame them, we gained new skills and pioneered new techniques for building real-world experiences that support our mission,” Hanke wrote. “Last Saturday was not a happy day for us but we are committed to listening to that feedback, however harsh, to improve what we do so that we can continue to build experiences that bring together people, technology, and the real world in innovative ways.”

For our own reports from the event, be sure to read to read our on the ground reporting from Andrew Reiner, who was at the event. You can also read about Niantic’s plans to give attendees refunds and free in-game credit here.



Our Take
I didn’t attend the Fest, but I am Pokémon Go player – one of the weirdos who has been playing pretty much daily since launch. Watching everything unfold this weekend was rough, and I particularly felt bad for those who traveled great distances who weren’t able to play the game. I appreciate Hanke and Niantic’s efforts to explain technically what happened, even if I admit to not fully understand the technical jargon, but I don’t know if it will be enough. Pokémon Go players have put up with a lot since launch, but this may mark the end for a lot of players. Hanke’s claim that only “some users” were affected seems like an understatement. If it wants to do another Fest again in the future, Niantic has a lot of expectations to overcome. Now if you’ll excuse me – I need to find people who will help me get Articuno before it disappears.

Beta Test Ninatic’s Founder Addresses Pokémon Go Fest’s Technical Woes In Blog Post

Sports Fans Can Now Get Their RedZone Fix On PlayStation Vue

Sony has added a new sports package to PlayStation Vue, which offers access to NFL RedZone, MLB Strike Zone, and more.

The PlayStation Vue Sports Pack will cost subscribers an additional $10 per month, and can be applied to any of the current channel plans: Access ($40 per month), Core ($45 per month), Elite ($55 per month) and Ultra ($75 per month). The add-on package features access to a number of channels, which are outlined below courtesy of PlayStation.Blog:

  • NFL RedZone (Sept – Dec)
  • MLB Strike Zone (During regular MLB season)
  • ESPN Bases Loaded (During NCAA college baseball championship)
  • ESPN Classic (On Demand)
  • ESPN Goal Line (During regular college football season)
  • Longhorn Network
  • Outside TV
  • NESN National (regional sports network national feed)
  • NBCUniversal regional sports networks (national feeds):
    • CSN Chicago
    • CSN Mid-Atlantic
    • CSN New England
    • CSN Northwest
    • CSN Philadelphia
    • NBC Sports Bay Area
    • NBC Sports CA

The new package offers other perks such as real-time score updates, league pages, and sports app authentication, which you can learn more about here. For more on PlayStation Vue, check out Kato’s impressions of the service back at launch.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]


Our Take
As someone who abandoned cable in favor of Netflix and Amazon Prime years ago, I’m not particularly impressed with Vue’s price tiers. If you’re still paying Comcast for your T.V. entertainment, however, Vue may be worth considering – especially if you’re a sports fan.

Beta Test Sports Fans Can Now Get Their RedZone Fix On PlayStation Vue

Here's What The New Metroid Amiibos Will Do In Samus Returns

Nintendo is releasing two new Metroid amiibos alongside Metroid: Samus Returns this September. Both of these will have in-game functionality, as will the two previously released Samus amiibos from Super Smash Bros. 

First up, the Samus Aran (Metroid Series) amiibo will give you a free Aeon reserve tank when your Aeon energy runs out. You’ll also get to view in-game Metroid II art after beating the game.

Next, the Metroid (Metroid series) amiibo will give you a Metroid marker that will tell you the location of the nearest Metroid. You’ll also unlock Fusion difficulty after beating the game, which allows you to use the Fusion Suit.

Tapping the Samus (Super Smash Bros. Series) amiibo will give you a missile reserve tank, which works similar to the Aeon reserve tank. You’ll also get in-game concept art after clearing the game.

Finally, Zero Suit Samus (Super Smash Bros. Series) amiibo provides an energy reserve tank when used. You’ll also get access to the sound test mode after beating the game.

Metroid: Samus Returns releases on September 15 on Nintendo 3DS.

[Source: Nintendo via Nintendo Wire]


Our Take
It looks like Nintendo saved the cooler bonuses for the amiibos nobody has yet. Well, at least they’re good-looking, and I’m sure any Metroid fan would be happy to have one on their shelf (assuming you can find them when they go on sale).

Beta Test Here’s What The New Metroid Amiibos Will Do In Samus Returns

Science-Fiction Weekly – Aven Colony, Fortnite, Thor: Ragnarok, Blade Runner 2049

Next to anything carrying the hallowed Star Wars name, Blade Runner 2049 is my most anticipated upcoming film. The first entry in the series showed us a dystopian society set in the year 2019. The sequel takes us decades into the future, leaving plenty of room for the world and the rules within it to change. This significant gap in time is no longer a mystery. A new Facebook video walks us through the key moments in history that lead up from 2018 to 2049. Here’s a breakdown of the timeline:

a bloody mutiny by a Nexus 6 combat team in an Off-world colony,
Replicants are declared illegal on Earth 
 under penalty of death.

A prototype Replicant, Rachael, and Officer Rick Deckard, a Blade Runner, escape Los Angeles together.

After the death of founder Eldon Tyrell, the Tyrell Corporation rushes a
new line of Nexus 8 Replicants onto the market for use Off-world. Unlike
previous Nexus models, built with 4-year lifespans, the Nexus 8s have
open-ended lifespans, as well as ocular implants for easy

2022 –The Blackout
An EMP of unknown origin detonates somewhere in the
West Coast. Cities are shut down for weeks. Electronic data is corrupted
or destroyed over most of the United States. Finance and trade markets
crash worldwide. Food supplies become dire. Theories spread as to the
cause of the Blackout; none are proven. The most popular blame

2023 – Replicant Prohibition
The governing authorities legislate an
indefinite “prohibition” on Replicant production. Nexus 6 models are now
all decommissioned due to their programmed 4-year lifespans. Surviving
Nexus 8 models are to be retired. Those that can, go into hiding.

Idealistic scientist Niander Wallace pioneers advancements in
genetically modified food and shares his patents for free, marking an
end to a global crisis. His company, Wallace Corporation, E&C,
expands across the globe – and into the Off-world colonies.

Niander Wallace acquires the remains of the bankrupt Tyrell Corporation.

Niander Wallace improves upon Tyrells’ genetic engineering and memory
implantation methods to make Replicants obedient and controllable.

Prohibition is repealed. Wallace reintroduces a new line of “perfected” Replicants – The Nexus 9.


The LAPD commits additional resources to bolster its existing
Blade Runner unit, tasked with locating illegal Replicants – and retiring


we return to Los Angeles, 30 years after the original movie, climate
change has caused the sea level to rise dramatically. A massive Sea Wall
has been built along the Sepulveda Pass to protect the Los Angeles
basin. Los Angeles is even more uninhabitable than before and filled with
poverty and sickness. Humans, who were not well enough to leave for the Off-world colonies, are left behind. There is no fresh food, and
inhabitants survive on Wallace’s genetically modified food products sold
from vending machines at street markets.

All of this sounds awesome. The development of Replicants sounds like a wonderful mess, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next on the big screen.

Thor: Ragnarok is another film falling into my “looks too good to be true” camp. The latest trailer is hilarious, beautiful, interesting, and unlike anything Marvel Studios has delivered. I hope these trailers speak to the true direction of the film. Thor moving more into the “wacky cosmic” area of the Marvel universe is fine with me. You can view the new trailer below:

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My enthusiasm for new science-fiction experiences does not extend to this week’s new video game releases, Aven Colony and Fortnite. Both games are interesting for very different reasons, but neither has hooked me in the early hours.

Aven Colony is a science-fiction city building game that seems fairly directionless. Building structures is a breeze, as most of them are tethered together, and figuring out where to mine is equally as intuitive, thanks to helpful overlays highlighting the available resources. Watching the colony grow is satisfying to a degree, but there really isn’t anything that is driving me forward. I haven’t run into any hazards yet, and the game does maybe too good of a job babysitting your progress – my colony hasn’t had an issue yet. I’ll spend more time with it, but I have yet to bond with my colony in the same way I do my metropolises in the Sim City games. Watching them grow in size is far more engaging than anything I’ve seen in Aven Colony thus far.

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Fortnite has a ton of potential. I like the cartoony art style (which oddly reminds me of Borderlands meets Skylanders meets Telltale’s The Walking Dead), and I’m fully on-board with the blend of run-and-gun shooting and base fortification, especially with three friends at my side. Epic does a nice job of streamlining every gameplay mechanic to consume little of your time. Building a wall, swinging a pick axe to mine resources, and jumping into a menu to construct a new weapon all can be completed in a matter of seconds. The gameplay is slick, easy to grasp, and is nicely polished so far. I’m hooked on the base building, trap laying, and hunt for better resources – which can turn a rickety wood wall into a heavily fortified metal structure. The gunplay just isn’t doing it for me. Epic makes each battle seem somewhat intense, either through overwhelming numbers of zombies, or a heavier unit that needs to be dealt with quickly. None of the weapons have a satisfying “pop” so far. Even the rocket launcher underwhelms, but at least deals a nice degree of damage. I also haven’t felt the need to move much. I keep building traps that slow the foes down, and just stand in front of them, either dealing final blows to them, or watching them die in my machines. I’m sure the difficulty will escalate as more territory is unearthed, but it’s a slow burn out of the gate, even with a fun, little narrative being sewn into a lot of it.

I’ll definitely stick with Fortnite and will report back next week with further impressions. If you have an Xbox One and Fortnite, email me at (, or find me on Xbox One (Reinak), and join my settlement.

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That’s it for this week, folks. I hope the remainder of the workdays treat you well, and you get the chance to game it up on your days off and the weekend. See you again in seven days.

Beta Test Science-Fiction Weekly – Aven Colony, Fortnite, Thor: Ragnarok, Blade Runner 2049

New Netflix Series Disenchanted From Simpsons Creator Matt Groening

In Matt Groening’s reach for more and more fantastical backdrops for his humor, the Simpsons and Futurama creator has signed a deal with Netlix for a new animated series, Disenchanted. The adult-targeted series is planned to be released in two ten-episode seasons and takes place in the crumbling fantasy kingdom of Dreamland. This new setting allows Groening to open up a wide variety of possibilities with his characters, and already names “ogres, sprites, harpies, imps, trolls, walruses, and lots of human fools” among them.

Groening’s success with The Simpsons was unprecedented, but Futurama did not fair quite as well. After being canceled by FOX in 2003, the series went on a long hiatus until several movies were produced and the show itself came back on Comedy Central. Disenchanted marks the first new Matt Groening show since Futurama’s 1999 debut. 

The Netflix deal had been long rumored and fans of both The Simpsons and Futurama should be looking forward to Disenchanted when it lands on Netflix in 2018. The Simpsons itself is scheduled to begin its 29th season in October.

[Source: IGN]

Beta Test New Netflix Series Disenchanted From Simpsons Creator Matt Groening

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Gets A Release Date

Following the Nintendo Switch presentation back in January, Ubisoft announced that they were working on porting Rayman Legends to the Nintendo Switch. Today, Ubisoft announced that the game will be launching very soon; Rayman Legends Definitive Edition releases on September 12. 

The Definitive Edition takes full advantage of the Switch’s capabilities. You can play with up to four players via a local internet connection, and if you’re playing in the undocked mode, you can take advantage of the touchscreen functionality that was present in the Wii U version. Ubisoft says there are some brand new features in store as well, like an updated version of the soccer minigame Kung Foot.

You can watch the announcement trailer below. 

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For more on Rayman Legends, you can read our glowing review and watch us play the game in an old Test Chamber.


Our Take:
Somehow I own two versions of this game but still haven’t played it. The third time’s a charm I guess; I’m really excited to play this on the Switch! 

Beta Test Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Gets A Release Date

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Invitational Heading To Gamescom

Bluehole has announced that PUBG will be taking over Gamescom with its first LAN Invitational tournament.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Invitational tournament will take place at Gamescom on August 23-26, and feature the top 80 PUBG players, some community streamers, and even some lucky Gamescom attendees. Players will compete in Solo mode, Duo mode, first-person mode, and Squad mode for a total prize pool of $350,000.

To help cover the cost of the pool, Bluehole is offering some limited-time in-game vanity items that players can purchase. These costumes are based on the Japanese film Battle Royale, which inspired the concept of PUBG. Three loot crates containing the items will be available starting August 3rd, and can be purchased with your in-game Battle Points. However, one of the three crates will require a $2.50 key to open, which must be purchased with real money. In addition funding the prize pool, Bluehole says revenue from the crates will help cover the cost of the event and be donated to select charities. You can watch the announcement trailer below, or check out some of the upcoming costumes in the screen gallery.

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[Source: Steam]

Our Take
Given PUBG’s massive popularity among both players and streamers, a tournament makes sense. Some fans of the game are understandably concerned with the addition of real-currency vanity items, but Bluehole stresses that it’s only for a limited time.

Beta Test PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Invitational Heading To Gamescom

Assassin's Creed: Getting To Know The Off-Brand Assassins

Delving into the Assassin’s Creed expanded universe is a daunting, yet worthwhile endeavor for those who wish to explore the history of assassins. For those without the time or willpower to get to know them all personally, we’re introducing the most interesting Assassins from the expanded universe, and handing out special awards for those who go above and beyond the Creed.

WARNING: If you plan on delving into the universe yourself, beware: This contains spoilers galore.

Aguilar de Nerha
Appears in: Assassin’s Creed (2016 film)

Say what you will about the overall merit of the film, but Aguilar is a bona fide badass. Aguilar’s parents were killed by the Spanish Inquisition, thrusting him toward the Order at an early age. Eventually becoming a Master Assassin and Mentor of the Spanish Brotherhood, Aguilar is largely responsible for hiding the Apple of Eden from the reach of humanity for several centuries. Aguilar, who existed concurrently with Ezio Auditore (being born four years prior), was one of the final assassins to participate in the Levantine tradition of finger amputation upon induction to the Order. Interestingly, Aguilar was inducted in 1492 while Ezio, who was inducted in 1488, was told the amputation was unnecessary. Aguilar’s willing participation in a superfluous amputation definitely puts him above most in terms of commitment to the Creed. For this, I give him the “Overachiever” award and a high five four.

Giovanni Auditore da Firenze
Appears in: AC II, Lineage (film series) 

The OG Auditore. Ezio was proclaimed the number one Assassin’s Creed protagonist in our 2015 magazine ranking, and now we see where he gets it from in Lineage. The basic premise of Lineage involves Giovanni stealing a letter that he ends up delivering to its intended recipient anyway. While that sounds pretty lame, Giovanni manages to make being a glorified mailman as cool as possible. In addition to being a great Assassin, Giovanni fulfills the Creed’s fabled fourth tenant, “Be a good father,” and that’s worth more than the other three combined. I give Giovanni the “World’s Best Dad-ssassin” award.

Appears in: AC 1: Desmond (comic), AC 2: Aquilus (comic), AC 3: Accipiter (comic)

Aquilus perfectly embodies the revenge story. After his father is killed at the hands of a Roman senator, he mourns for exactly two panels before boneheadedly charging into the senator’s well-guarded abode. 

When the Roman guard comes to arrest Aquilus for murdering the senator, he exclaims, “If you want to arrest me, you’ll have to come and find me first!” and is then promptly knocked unconscious before he can make any move to escape. Here, he proves himself the king of epic one-liners and earns the “One and Done” award. Possibly more notable in death than in life, he receives a eulogy from his ancestor, Desmond: “He was killed without honor, on the edge of a country road, his hands tied together. They denied him the right to defend his life and die with dignity.” If Assassin’s Creed has taught me anything, it’s that this is generally more or less the way Assassins die. In an even more assassin-y fashion, he lies with a woman the night before his death, effectively continuing the Assassin ancestral tree. For this I re-award him the “One and Done” award. 

After experiencing Aquilus’s life through the Animus, Desmond is hit with the stunning revelation depicted below:

Like Ezio and Altair, Aquilus means eagle.

Jonathan Hawk
Appears in: AC 3: Accipiter, AC 4: Hawk (comic), AC 5: El Cakr (comic), AC 6: Leila (comic)

He wears sunglasses in the animus. He’s missing an eye from the time he slept with a Templar. He drives a cool black convertible and bears an uncanny resemblance to Tony Stark. Hawk easily gets the “Coolest Assassin” award, but probably doesn’t even care.

Unlike Ezio, Altair, and Aquilus, Hawk does not mean eagle. Hawk means hawk.

El Cakr (Numa Al’Khamsin)
Appears in: AC 4: Hawk, AC 5: El Cakr, AC 6: Leila

El Cakr, also known as Numa Al’Khamsin, often takes credit for the work done by his child sidekick, Ali. The pair had the potential for an Egyptian Batman/Robin situation, but El Cakr consistently disrespects Ali, even pushing him into the Nile river after Ali discovers a crucial clue to retrieving the Scepter of Aset. Ali later betrays El Cakr, and while Ali says he cracked while being tortured, I think we all know he was still bitter about the Nile bath. 

El Cakr is finally killed by the leader of the Templars, who is revealed to be Leila, a woman who had seduced him previously. El Cakr achieves revenge posthumously when Leila dies giving birth to his child. Despite Ali’s betrayal bringing an end to El Cakr, Ali was still loyal to the Brotherhood and hid the Scepter of Aset before he died of food poisoning. The only accomplishments from these three characters are purely incidental, so I’m going to give each of them 1/4 of the “Participation” award and keep the last quarter for myself.

Hawk’s two ancestors’ names, El Cakr and Accipiter, both mean hawk.

Nikolai Andreievich “Kolya” Orelov
Appears in: The Fall (comic), The Chain (comic), Project Legacy, Chronicles: Russia

Nikolai was raised into the Russian Brotherhood at a young age, befriending Aleksandr Ulyanov and his brother, Vladimir, who later became known as Vladimir Lenin, the communist revolutionary. Nikolai managed to survive the Borki train disaster, in which he dueled Tsar Alexander III after the train came careening off the tracks, as well as the Tunguska event which is said to have been caused by a Tesla coil explosion rather than a meteoroid strike. Nikolai was also responsible for the rescue of Princess Anastasia, protecting her from both the Templars and Assassins after she was imprinted by the memories of Shao Jun. Basically, Nikolai was the driving force behind every major event in Imperial Russia from 1880 until its transformation into the Soviet Union in 1922. For this he earns the title, “Helicopter Assassin.”

Shao Jun
Appears in: Embers (short film), Chronicles: China, Chronicles: Russia

Born into concubinage in the Forbidden City, Jun was inducted into the Brotherhood after being rescued from the royal palace by a group of Assassins. The Jiajing Emperor began a massive purge of Chinese Assassins, forcing Jun to abscond to Italy in order to seek assistance from retired Mentor Ezio, leading to the events of Assassin’s Creed: Embers. After a change in both animation style and medium, Jun returned to China to eliminate the Eight Tigers, who were at the head of the Templar movement. During her vengeance-fueled elimination of the Tigers, Jun’s Mentor was killed, making her the last living Chinese Assassin. For this, Shao Jun receives the “Last Man Standing” medal from Halo 3. 

Arbaaz Mir
Appears in: Brahman (comic), Underworld (novel), Chronicles: India

Arbaaz was born into a Muslim family in India, but after the Sikh Empire took control of his home region, Maharaja Ranjit Singh initiated a Muslim genocide which included Arbaaz’s family. Arbaaz is notable in his use of the traditional Indian throwing weapon called a chakram, which is essentially a sharpened Frisbee. Realizing his glorified Wham-O toy wouldn’t be enough to take down the Templars and Singh, he instead used his seduction powers that come standard within the Brotherhood to make Pyara Kaur, Singh’s granddaughter, fall in love with him and procreate. Ah yes, there’s no sweeter revenge than sleeping with your enemy’s family members. For this, Arbaaz is awarded “Best Grandson-In-Law.”

Charlotte de la Cruz
Appears in: Assassins (comic), Uprising (comic)

Charlotte grew up in the Bronx, which I assume is like preschool for modern-day Assassins. She deals largely with modern-day Assassin issues, which trade out things like family annihilation and cultural genocide for student debt and cyber-bullying. Charlotte never lets her Assassin duties get in the way of her relationship with her mother, and routinely calls her on a burner phone to let her know where she is and that she’ll be home before curfew, despite being on the run from Templars. I award Charlotte “Best Daughter in the Brotherhood.” Charlotte foregoes traditional assassination techniques in favor of autobiological warfare, such as when she kills an Abstergo employee with asthma by binding him so he can’t reach his inhaler. And for this I revoke Charlotte’s previous award and instead give her the “Most Cold-Blooded Killer” award.

Joseph Laurier
Appears in: Assassins

Joseph looks like the love child of Kratos and a roid-raging Paul Bunyan, so I’m just gonna give him the title, “Lumberjack of Sparta.” Congratulations, that was a very competitive award.

Galina Voronina
Appears in: Assassins, Syndicate

Galina was forced to kill her mother, twin sister, and other fellow Assassins after the Bleeding Effect drove them insane. Despite her success as a modern-day Assassin, notably one of the only to still wield two hidden blades, she clearly never got over her family’s death at her hands. She is caught talking to herself, and upon confrontation, explains that she is really talking to her deceased sister. An award about familicide would be in poor taste, so I’m going with the more wholesome “Most Fun Name to Say” award.

Jayadeep Mir (Sir Henry Green)
Appears in: Syndicate, Underworld, Locus (comic)

Jayadeep was the son of Arbaaz, and had exceptional potential from a young age to the point of being a prodigy Assassin. It was soon discovered, however, that Jayadeep lacked a killer instinct. He broke the Creed and shamed himself upon failing to assassinate a sleeping Templar. Although this might seem like a rectifiable error, Arbaaz was furious and sent him to The Darkness, a spooky-sounding Assassin prison, to await execution. Ethan Frye, father of Jacob and Evie and mentor to Jayadeep, organized his release and convinced Arbaaz to grant Jayadeep asylum in England. There, he took on the guise of Henry Green, inspired by the color of the hat he was wearing at the time. For this, I award Jayadeep “Henry Green Hat” Mir “Least Creative Assassin of All Time.”

Eddie Gorm
Appears in: Conspirations (comic)

The Assassin’s Creed series has tackled extensive amounts of history and integrated a significant number of historical figures. Eddie Gorm, a member of the British Brotherhood during WWII, may provide the link to one of the most infamous leaders in history. Gorm is the protagonist of the ongoing Assassin’s Creed: Conspirations series, and has so far interacted with WWII notables such as Josef Mengele and Werner Heisenberg. It is revealed that the Nazi’s Uranprojekt (German nuclear weapon project) was a cover for their real “Die Glocke” project, in which they are attempting to use the Apple of Eden and Tesla coils to construct the first Animus. We’ve all seen the liberties the Assassin’s Creed series takes when involving fictional assassins in real historical events, so I’m going to go ahead and give Eddie Gorm the final award: “Most Likely to Assassinate Hitler.”

Beta Test Assassin’s Creed: Getting To Know The Off-Brand Assassins