XCOM 2 Is About To Get More Difficult Thanks To Long War 2 Mod

Today Firaxis confirmed a mod called Long War 2 would be coming to XCOM 2 on PC. For those who don’t remember, the original Long War mod drastically changed Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within, making it much more difficult and longer, while adding new techs, classes, and a fatigue system for you squad. Long War Studios, the team that created the original mod and which has since worked on smaller mods for XCOM 2, is collaborating with Firaxis on it.

Long War Studios also announced it’s rebranding itself as Pavonis Interactive, and has launched a new website with the announcement. The site reveals that it’s working on its own project as well – a strategy game called Terra Invicta, where you assemble a council of scientists, politicians, and military leaders to unite Earth’s warring nations and defend it from an alien invasion. The project is listed as in “pre-Kickstarter development.” 

No other details have been revealed about Long War 2 at this time, but Pavonis’ website says information will be released in the coming weeks at XCOM.com.

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[Source: XCOM Official Site, Pavonis Interactive site]


Our Take
Now that many players have had time to wrap their hands around XCOM 2 and its intricacies, it’s great to hear that a mod that should add more challenge and shake things up in the game is on its way. While we still don’t know specifics, it’ll be interesting to see if Pavonis ups the ante even more in the difficulty department with Long War 2.

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