What To Watch This Weekend: Overwatch, Dota 2, And Darkstalkers

It’s a bit of light week in terms of number of events, but the events that are going on this week are pretty killer. Combo Breaker is a huge fighting game and I’d love to attend some day, if for no other reason than to watch some live Darkstalkers action again, and Dota 2’s major this week is one of the most exciting I’ve caught all year.

Combo Breaker is one of the biggest fighting game events of the year, running tons of tournaments for major games like Dragon Ball FighterZStreet Fighter V, and Tekken 7, as well as more obscure titles, like Darkstalkers, Skullgirls, and of course, the traditional mystery game tournament. (Streams and Schedule)

The saga of the Shanghai Dragons’ quest for their first win in the Overwatch League continues. This week they face the best team in the league, the New York Excelsior. Can they do it? (Stream / Schedule)

Brawlhalla is hosting a bit two-on-two tournament for its North American and European regions, so if you’ve gotten into the 2D multiplayer brawler lately, check out what it looks like when high-level players get a hold of it. (NA Stream and Schedule / EU Stream and Schedule)

ESL Birmingham is this week’s Dota 2 major, and we’ve already seen the Brazilian team, Pain Gaming, take down some giants on their underdog run. Will VP stop them, or is this a new legend in the making? (Stream / Schedule)

That’s it for this weekend! Let us know if we missed an event, or if there’s a scene you’d like us to cover, in the comments.

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