Weekend Warrior – A Long Weekend And New Faces

It’s a three day weekend for a lot of us in the states, which means that the Game Informer crew has a lot of rest and relaxation planned. But like all plans, that’s surely to go awry, so let’s see what we say we’re going to do before reality sets in. We also have our new interns in this week who are going to tell us all about their weekends working hard for our benefit, err, also resting and relaxing.

Suriel Vazquez (@SurielVazquez) – I’m hoping to get a group
together to tackle Destiny 2’s Spire of Stars raid, but I’m not sure if it will
happen. We’ll see. Otherwise, I’ll be packing and cleaning my apartment to
prepare for a few weeks of constant travel.

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I
have played lots of PC games in my life, but I recently, for the first time,
bought a dedicated PC gaming machine. I decided to push it to its limit, too,
by playing some powerful games: Minit and the PC port of Star Wars: Shadows of
the Empire. You know – the standard PC benchmarking games everyone uses. I will
probably be playing with that more this weekend.

Imran Khan (@imranzomg) – I have some writing to do this weekend, but am going to otherwise dedicate myself to finishing Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and loading myself up on dramamine to finish God of War. I really like parts of that game but it makes me so motion sick that I’m basically out of commission the rest of the day, which doesn’t happen with any other game. 

Javy Gwaltney (@Hurdyiv) – I’m going to be leading or quashing an Android rebellion in Detroit: Become Human and stuffing my face with pizza. So much pizza. All the pizza.

Camden Jones (@CCJ1997) – I’m seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story tonight, for which I’m choosing to have no expectations. The rest of my weekend will be dominated by completing my move-in process and finding/beating all the secret levels in Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze on Switch!

Derek Swinhart (@Derek_Swinhart) – This weekend I will be going to see Solo with the crew; my expectations weren’t high until Reiner came by and now I have expectations. So there is that. I also plan on fighting (read: running and hiding) cannibals in The Forest, and probably making effigies from their leftover bits.  My plan is to get through the Dark Souls III second DLC and will be play more of the Dark Souls remaster which I started last night.

Jacob Geller (@yacobg42) – This weekend I’m going to continue to bike around Minneapolis so I won’t get lost as frequently when I come back from Game Informer. I’m also jumping back into Just Cause 3, mostly to kill time until Westworld on Sunday (don’t even get me STARTED on Shogun World).

What about you all? Seeing Solo this weekend, maybe Deadpool 2? Going somewhere cool for the long weekend? Or maybe just relaxing with a new game or an old classic? Let us know below in the comments!

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