Watch Us Make A Bizarre Game With Media Molecule's Dreams

With Game Informer’s latest cover story on Dreams, we’ve been showing off the impressive work from the team at Media Molecule and their amazing toolset in Dreams. With the video above, we wanted to derail the team and create an abomination. While visiting the studio, Javy Gwaltney, Elise Favis, and Ben Hanson brainstormed with Dreams’ designers and created a game in a little over two hours. In this video, we save you some time by scrubbing through the game’s creation alongside Jeff Cork and Leo Vader to show off the highlights of the game’s creation. However, if you’re extremely interested in seeing Dreams’ tools in action, you can click here to see the full, uncut video of this game’s creation.

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Beta Test Watch Us Make A Bizarre Game With Media Molecule’s Dreams

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