Watch The Pilot Episode Of The Canceled Trauma Team TV Show

2010’s Trauma Team had players taking on the role of various doctors with different specialties who eventually banded together to fight a common enemy. It ended up being a good game, but I know what you’re thinking: this also sounds like a good idea for a TV show! As it turns out, you are very, very wrong.

Although there were once plans to bring the series to television, they quickly fell by the wayside. Developed by Fat Dragon Films and Instavision (neither of which seem to have had a long history before or after this project), the show turned the titular Trauma Team into “medical vigilantes” who would take in patients that normal hospitals couldn’t or wouldn’t (for whatever reason).

The series was eventually scrapped, but not before a pilot for the show came to be. Six years later, that pilot has surfaced online, and it’s not very good. Keep in mind, though, that this pilot wasn’t meant to be viewed by the public quite yet, so it’s still somewhat unfinished. You can watch the pilot below, if you’re curious.

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[Source: Polygon]

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