Watch Extended Demos Of Nintendo Switch's Launch Games Right Now

This morning’s Nintendo Treehouse stream is devoted to the
Switch, and they’re going in-depth with some of the system’s launch games.

Nintendo finally spilled the beans on its upcoming console
during last
night’s presentation
, but most of the revealed games got a cursory look at
best. Today the company is providing hands-on time at its reveal event in New
York City (stay tuned for hands-on impressions!), but if you’re not on the east
coast, the Nintendo Treehouse livestream is the next best thing. Nintendo has
lined up a host of full-fledged demos that will give you a better look at the
games as well as the hardware. You can check it out below!

(Please visit the site to view this media)

As mentioned earlier, G.I. editors Kyle Hilliard and Ben
Reeves are at the event, so you can expect hands-on impressions of all the
newly revealed games later in the day.

Beta Test Watch Extended Demos Of Nintendo Switch’s Launch Games Right Now

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