Watch Dog 2's Wild Multiplayer World

Today’s Watch Dogs 2 Gamescom trailer outlines the title’s multiplayer world where anybody and anything can be just around the corner.

The trailer below outlines how you can meet up with others and co-operatively hack and complete missions in the world. It also details the new Bounty Hunter mode. A bounty contract is issued when you cause too much ruckus in the single-player world and get the police on your tail. This can cause up to three other players to take up the contract on your head. Once this happens, it’s not just a matter of survival, however, as you can complete and cash in a counter-bounty on your pursuers too.

The footage also talks about online invasions: where you fight off other hackers trying to invade your session.

All these online modes are optional even though there is a bleed through between single-player and multiplayer.

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