These 'Fresh Prince' Controllers Aren't Official, But They Should Be

With lots of limited-edition variants to coincide with games and places like Xbox Design Labs offering players a way to recolor them, custom controllers are all the rage. And while I usually stick to the de facto designs most of the time, this particular design might make me reconsider.

Third-party controller modding house Kustom Kontrollerz have come up with conceptual designs for controllers inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, an iconic sitcom of the ’90s starring Will Smith. The designs are intensely colorful, recalling the neon graffiti stylings of the original series, complete with a “Fresh” logo on the handles of the PS4 and Xbox renditions. You can see the full concept design below.

Of course, the designs are in no way official or licensed, and their availability is a little vague. Kustom Kontrollerz is trying to reach out to Smith (who is not on Twitter), so hopefully they can make some sort of deal happen between them and the company that owns the rights to the show. With a reboot/sequel in rumored to be in the works, this would be an interesting licensing deal.

Beta Test These ‘Fresh Prince’ Controllers Aren’t Official, But They Should Be

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