The Sports Desk – A Conversation With A MUT Master


Madden came out last month, but for the game’s Ultimate Team mode things are just getting started. This year developer EA Tiburon has overhauled certain aspects like the upgrading of power up cards via training points, and users appear to be happy with the content rolled out so far.

One of the gamers who has their finger on the pulse of the mode – whether that’s the gameplay meta, the player cards themselves, or how to snipe in the auction house for coins galore is Daniel “ChewbaccaLemma,” YouTuber and co-host of the Muthead podcast.

We recently talked to Daniel about the mode, from his thoughts on Madden’s overall gameplay to what he thinks are some of the must-have players in Ultimate Team.

Click on the audio file below to hear what the MUT Master has to say.

Just starting out in Madden Ultimate Team? Here’s our guide for the early stages of the mode, including info on how to make coins.

Beta Test The Sports Desk – A Conversation With A MUT Master

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