The Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy Crossover Event Has Begun

Originally announced at E3, Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV are crossing over, with the Monster Hunter side getting to fight one of the series’ biggest monsters. The dreaded purple Behemoth has made its way to the new world and it is a tough fight.

The Behemoth has been designed to be one of the hardest monsters in the series, with Capcom boasting that not even QA testers have been able to beat it. The monster is not only exceptionally strong and fast, it will rain down small meteors on you and your hunting party throughout the fight. When the Behemoth releases its ultimate attack, the instant-faint Ecliptic Meteor, the only way to survive is to hide under one of those meteors already on the field.

It definitely won’t be easy. He’s also weak to water, which is a problem with so few monsters creating strong water weapons.

Defeating the Behemoth gets you materials toward an armor set that the game’s subreddit is suggesting is “too good.” There’s also other little Final Fantasy additions, like a moogle outfit for your palico, a Behemoth skin for your poogie, a crystal for Kulu-Ya-ku to carry around and more.

Monster Hunter World is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be out on August 9 on PC.

Beta Test The Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy Crossover Event Has Begun

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