The Fantastic Four Were In Tim Miller's Version Of Deadpool 2

What would Deadpool say to Mr. Fantastic? Don’t answer that – we’re all thinking the same thing. If Tim Miller would have directed Deadpool 2, we likely would have seen this unexpected meeting of heroes. Miller, who helmed the first film and began production on the second, apparently had big plans for Josh Trank’s version of the Fantastic Four in the sequel. Miller was eventually replaced by David Leitch as director, and the film ended up moving in a slightly different direction. Cable, Domino, and other elements remained the same.

This news comes from artist Alexander Lozano, who worked closely with Miller on the character designs, and yesterday posted a number of them on Instagram. Lozano gives insight into each character. It sounds like Miller wanted to finally give the Fantastic Four a great moment on the silver screen.

Beta Test The Fantastic Four Were In Tim Miller’s Version Of Deadpool 2

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