The Elder Scrolls: Legends Exclusive Card Reveal – Hallowed Deathpriest

In the upcoming Clockwork City addon for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, players gain access to all kinds of new cards. Today, we’re revealing one of these cards, the Hallowed Deathpriest! This creature destroys your opponent’s threats – before they can even play them! Whaaaaat?! Check it out!

Since the Deathpriest goes after the premium targets – high casting cost fare that won’t yet be in play when you can field the Deathpriest at 5 Magicka – he can cause some serious problems by turning those epic dragons into manageable mummies. Of course, there’s the chance you draw Deathpriest late in the game and the opponent doesn’t even have anything in hand to target, meaning you’re getting a rather lackluster 3/5 critter for 5 cost.

VP of Marketing and PR at Bethesda Pete Hines weighs in on the card (He’s quite the card-slinger in addition to his duties at Bethesda!).

Pete Hines: Obviously a 3/5 for 5 Magicka isn’t a great
deal. But what you’re getting is, essentially, is a 3/5 for 5 that comes with a
free copy of Mummify, except it targets the most expensive card in their hand
instead of their biggest threat on the battlefield. So how good is that?


Well, in general if you’re playing Mummify
you’re usually targeting their biggest threat, which tends to be their most
expensive. So if it targeted something on the battlefield, it’d likely target
automatically what you’d target anyway. The problem is that it won’t impact the
board now, it’ll impact the board later. So if you’re already getting beat
down, Hallowed Deathpriest isn’t much help as he’s not stopping how much damage
your taking from what your opponent has on the board. He can also completely
whiff if your opponent is holding removal and no creatures. And if you and your
opponent are late into a match and top decking, it could be a bad draw if
you’re both immediately dumping what you draw onto the battlefield.

Against more controlling decks, sure he can be
pretty great if he gets a Mantikora, Alduin, General Tullius, Gortwog, etc. It
could be a good play in a more aggro deck if you’re beating down, breaking
runes, and then making sure that whatever is the best creature your opponent
has in hand isn’t getting played. It’s a pretty good follow-up to an East
Empire Crafter (though lots of things are). Drop a 3/5 that becomes a 4/6 Guard
that nerfs the biggest creature your opponent has in their hand. It’s hard for
it to feel like a bomb in your hand because you never have any idea what you
got with it unless you’re playing a friend for fun and they tell you.


So, it’s a fun card that some folks might look
to play in certain decks. Definitely a card I’d consider drafting in Arena if I
had a good curve and was looking to pluck a big threat out of an opponent’s
hand in the mid to late game.


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Beta Test The Elder Scrolls: Legends Exclusive Card Reveal – Hallowed Deathpriest

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