Take A Look At The Canceled Wii Shooter The Grinder In This Video

Although it was immensely successful, the Wii had a third-party problem (like most of Nintendo’s consoles between after the Super Nintendo and before the Switch). High Voltage software emerged as one of the few third parties willing to explore the console, releasing the short-lived Conduit series for the motion-controlled platform. But they also had another game in the works, one which eventually fell by the wayside.

Over at Unseen64, Youtuber and “Game History Guy” Liam Robertson takes an in-depth look at the canceled Wii shooter. The Grinder was meant as a more intense tech demonstration of what the Wii could do, with large groups of monsters crowding the screen. Taking cues from Left 4 Dead, the game had four distinct characters taking on hordes of zombies. However, while the game was impressive for the console, High Voltage was developing the game using its own money, hoping a publisher would pick it up. That didn’t happen, and the game was eventually canceled.

Still, it’s always fascinating to see the history of games that could have been, even if they wouldn’t have lit the world on fire. You can watch the full history of the game below.

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Beta Test Take A Look At The Canceled Wii Shooter The Grinder In This Video

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