Take A Look At Everything From Today's Nintendo Indie Direct

At today’s Nintendo Indies Direct, or Nindies as Nintendo is fond of calling it, there were a number of big and small indie games with new footage or release dates. Here’s a quick roundup of the games here.

Hyperlight Drifter (September 6)

Towerfall  (September 27)

Treasure Stack (Winter)

Zarvot (October)

Mineko’s Night Market (2019)

Samurai Gunn 2  (Early 2019)

Bullet Age (November)

The World Next Door (Early 2019)

Levelhead (November)

King Of The Hat (Early 2019)

Untitled Goose Game (Early 2019)

Desert Child (December)

Wasteland 2 (September 13)

Bastion (September 13)

The Messenger (August 30)

Undertale (September 18)

Jackbox Party Pack 5 (October)

Transistor (November 2018)

Dragon: Marked For Death (December 13)

Light Fingers (September 20)

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (October 2018)

Into the Breach (Now)

Beta Test Take A Look At Everything From Today’s Nintendo Indie Direct

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